Choosing the right motorcycle boots will keep you safe

Study shows that over 80% of motorcyclists who are injured in a crash are having injuries to their legs mainly, including 16% to feet and 23% to ankles

It’s common that in a motorcycle crash your feet are most likely to make contact with the road, resulting in injuries even in a slow speed and minor crash.

Scientist tested more than 21 well-know brands of motorcycle boots against the European Standard, and not surprisingly found out that none passed the impact resistance test and only half passed the crush resistance test. However, there is evidence to Ladies motorcycle boots come in different styles as seen below. These ladies boots are all leather and built for comfort and protection.

The womens Advanced Cruiser Motorcycle Biker boot features a  full grain leather uppers with double Velcro closure.  Above the Velcro straps is another Velcro closure to aid in a secure and comfortable fit. Easy on and off with shift protector on front of boot. It comes with a high abrasion oil resistant sole & heel. Their is a heavy duty protection and advanced construction with welt stitching for long term durability. X-element boots provide bikers real protection, flexibility, and comfort. Boot Features Made of full grain leather uppers 12 Inch Shaft, 2 Inch Heel Shift Protector High Abrasion Oil-Resistant Sole & Heel Double Velcro strap closure and an additional Velcro closure on top Secure and comfort fit (comfort fit). It comes with easy on and off wear.

Ladies Advanced Cruiser X-Element Motorcycle Biker Boots

One of the few Ladies Good Year Welt Construction boots. Women’s Advanced Xelement Biker boot is built for comfort, durability, and exclusive traction control sole. Gain added protection with extra heavy duty traction sole for added protection and style. Made of top quality full grain oil leather featuring; black rubber outsole and lace up design with buckle strap, black umbrella (bacteria and odor eating materiel) EVA socked lining. What’s great about the heel plate is that it can be removed with screws. The unique design and advanced features give a boost when it comes to comfort, protection, and extra long durability. Shop with confidence and save BIG!

Ladies Harness Flame Motorcycle Boots

With a stylish, protective design, the Ariat Latitude H2O motorcycle boot is an perfect choice for your next adventure. Featuring a sleek leather upper, ATS Technology, and a durable rubber outsole, this waterproof boot has metal mounts on the outsole for hanging on highway pegs. A zipper closure ensures easy on and off, and the detailed hardware keeps this technical boot fashionable.

Ariat Women’s Latitude H2O Motorcycle Boot

Harley Davidson Payton Black shows that a strong pair of boots can significantly reduce the risk of foot injuries.

How can you tell if they are good boots? What to look for.

Many riders and their pillions still wear street or sports shoes. Whether you are trying to decide the safest choice from your current shoe collection or buying some motorcycle boots, here are some design features to help guide you in your choice.

Boots must be comfortable. They should be neither too tight nor loose. If they are too tight, your feet may go numb particularly if you are also cold.

Check whether you can mount, ride and operate all the controls freely. Can you walk normally, climb stairs, bend over, crouch and pick up your keys from the floor?

In order to provide protection, boots should be at least 160 mm high from the inner sole and provide impact protection for the shins, instepToand ankles.

How are the soles attached? Sewn is stronger than bonded. Many sports boots have soles that are only glued on! They would be ripped off in seconds if your foot is dragging along a road.

How are they fastened? If you just have to pull them on, they can also be pulled off in a crash, just when you need them.

They should have oil resistant soles and be sufficiently waterproof for you to walk 10 meters through a puddle.

Avoid boots that allow your foot to overhang the edge of the sole. Look for at least 10 mm clearance from the edge to the upper.

Look for thick abrasion resistant uppers. Leather should be at least 2.5 mm thick.

Look for thick soles – at least 4 mm not including cleats.